Lisa Sawatzky. ECE. ITE. SNE. Owner/Educator

Lisa has been working with children for over 10 years! In 2007 she graduated from North Island College with her certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education. Upon completion, she was hired at Hummingburde Child Care Centre in Port Alberni. There, the dedication, love and respect towards the children and the families they cared for helped to form her strong foundation in child care. In 2009, Lisa returned to school part time to complete her diploma while maintaining her position at Hummingburde Child Care Centre. Her return to school added specializing in Infant & Toddler care and education, as well as Special Needs care and education. Lisa and her husband have 3 of their own children, Makayla, Owen, and Molly. As a family, they especially love going fishing, boating, swimming and for neighbourhood walks.

“Working with children and their families is a natural passion for me. I value independence, curiosity, freedom of choice and expressive art. The opportunity to care and educate children is a large responsibility and one that I believe needs to be flexible, adaptable and respectful for every individual. I love that challenge. I love watching a child’s amazement when they see the cause and effect of an experiment, or when they build a tower taller than themselves, or when their kindness is acknowledged in a friendship. Adding the idea of being majority outside adds calmness and creativity to curriculum ideas and plans. I am so excited for this new adventure! Now, let’s go outside and play!”

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